Best 6 hobbies to try between starcraft matches

A real-time strategy game that is highly competitive can be overwhelming at times, and quite intense. In between the matches on your mission to conquer your enemies, it is good for you to take time off. While enjoying AFK (away from keyboard) activities you will relax your brain, charge your batteries, and come back to the battlefield stronger and ready to kick some ass.

What is a hobby & why do we need one

A hobby is every activity we really enjoy and find relaxing. From the day we are born we are though to study, work, do chores. For most of our daily activities, we feel some sort of pressure to achieve high grades, do the tasks someone else told us to, and we go through a lot of stress.

A hobby is something that should give us nothing but pleasure, and it is very important for stress release. Nowadays when a lot of our activities depend on the screen and our smart devices, it is recommended that we find a hobby that is engaging our body and all of our senses.


Photography is one of the rare art forms that you can truly enjoy as an amateur, and plus you don’t need the specific kit or equipment to do it. Today, all of us have HD cameras integrated into our phones, and capturing captivating images is a few clicks away, really.

We love seeing the pretty pictures as much as we love to save precious moments as beautiful photographs. If you love taking pictures, you can try making some time to go out and focus on the frames you find inspiring. This way you will stretch your legs and help your mind relax at the same time.


Talking about engaging our senses, a lot of people find cooking to be relaxing and creative. And to make a clear difference – cooking because you are hungry and you gotta eat and cooking for enjoyment are two different things.

Cooking as a hobby involves making delicious dishes with no pressure whatsoever. The idea is to experiment, try out different cuisines, chop vegetables and spices that smell magnificent, and see how the fusion of tastes comes together.

Reading books

True geeks still enjoy reading books, and this is a quality that we shouldn’t let go of. Exciting stories and novels are a great way to relax our eyes from the screen and transcend to another universe. Plus after a long day of gaming, reading can help you fall asleep and not have yet another dream about the starcraft match.

Comic books and graphic novels are always a good choice as well. Pick up your evergreen edition of Sandman or Hellblazer and dive into the lives of your favorite antiheroes of all time.

Wood carving

Wood carving hobby is becoming more and more popular since the pandemic outbreak. Working with wood and making something with your hands and a set of knives can be quite a relaxing and meditative experience.
This hobby is something that you can do in your workshop or outdoors, and a perfect excuse to get some time to yourself. You can carve wood in complete silence, or play your favorite music in your man-cave. It might sound challenging to start with this hobby from scratch, but with the best whittling knife, it is nothing but complete chill and thrill.


We all like to doodle in our free time. Drawing is a hobby that is as old as mankind, and our love for visual storytelling keeps surprising. So, why not try sketching when you are taking a break?

You can just be drafting what you see in front of you, or designing characters for a new super-hero comic book you have been thinking about for a while. Sketching is a peaceful activity that brings a lot of creative points and can help you think of an out-of-the-box solution for the next challenge when you come back to the game.


I know this is probably the last hobby you want to pick up, but sport doesn’t have to be a rough or competitive exhausting exercise you are used to. Sport can be any sort of game you play with your friends that engages your bodies and help you release the extra energy you have.

Practicing sports is a healthy hobby that helps you be in shape, but also releases endorphins in your brain and makes you feel good at the end of the day. If you are not a team player, you can always go jogging or swimming – just get moving while you are away from your comfy gamer chair and your keyboard.

How to choose a favorite hobby

Your hobby should really depend on your affinities. Some hobbies are more passive and creative (such as photography and sketching), while sports are more engaging for your whole body and make your blood flow a little faster. If you don’t want to run outdoors or create something new, you can always go for a good book over a cup of tea and rest your eyes for a bit.

Other hobbies, such as cooking and wood carving hobby, are engaging the most of your brain and your body. They are both creative and help you be on your feet and moving your muscles.

Whichever hobby you pick, it will help you ease the tension between the strategic matches. It will make you relaxed, and ultimately benefit the problem-solving skills you need in order to win the next round.


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